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Policy of cancellation, pets, children, groups

Booking Cancellation:

You can annulate your reservation without cost 48h before the date of your booking. Annulation after this period, we will charge the amount of one night. Annulation of group reservation or long stay has other policies.

Booking modification:

We accept modification according our availibility.

Group reservation or long stay: 

For group reservation or long stay, we request request full payment of the reservation in advance. The payment deadline depends on the season, size of the group and number of nights. Ask us. Payments are non refundable.

Discount for kids:

Kids under 9 years can share the bed with parents with an extra charge of 4.000 pesos for breakfast concept. The price of the room has a discount of 3.000 pesos if the kid use his own bed. Kids who are 10 years old pay as adults.


Pets are allowed depending on different requirements (size, transport box, etc.). Ask us.